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Hrmg Paper

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ANS: Firstly they need to do research of the companies that are similar to the Rudiger’s company and need to decide based on their decisions. Then they can search the job objectives and responsibilities of the other companies and needs to be compare with the roles what they are looking for and then they can arrange the roles and job responsibilities. They need to compare their company’s profile too and what they are looking in the candidates and then they can frame all of them as their roles and responsibilities.

ANS: Disadvantages:

They will not know the capabilities of the candidates in person.

Even the candidate couldn’t follow the company strength and weakness.

Company people may not be confident on who is attending the interview.


The exam may wrap up within the prescribed time. (No time exemptions)

Sometimes the candidates may explain clearly rather than meeting the interviewer Face to Face.

They can take at any place no compulsion with the place.(Avoids late comers for the exam)

ANS: Keep the job profile on internet as well as papers.

Collect the suitable resumes.

Select the candidates based on their experience.

Call them for interview.

Select the more appropriate one for the position.

Hire the particular candidate.

ANS: Employee assessment tools for success:


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