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Paper - God or Superior Force

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Most of us say that God, or destiny or whatever superior force may exist in this universe are that which make our future, that guide us throughout our futile existence.

I don't claim there isn't a force which guides us, which takes care of us, but the main element that helps us build up our future is our way of being. Our personality, our character, our way of perceiving reality and everything that surrounds us are the elements which may bring us to the top, or on the contrary, make us miserable.

It's simply your own choice if you don't want to study, to go to college, to have a career. It really doesn't matter if your parents threaten you, they punish you, scold you all the time. If you are stubborn and you think you know it all then all these are useless.

You are the one who decides what job to have, in what city or what country. It's your choice and your responsibility. The moment you get hurt or something goes wrong, you blame yourself, and you start everything from the very beginning.

You consider that you can't find your place in your own country, so you risk the comfortable but modest life you have living with your parents and you go abroad. Maybe there will be moments when you can't stand anymore the loneliness, the strangers around you, or your job. But you remember nobody made you take that decision, so you take a deep breath, and you go on, as it's very difficult to find a guilty person when you know it well you the only one to be blamed.

If you fall in love with a man from the very first moment you set your eyes on him and you don't want to meet somebody else, to see how they are it's your wish. If you get married and the marriage ends in a year's time, you can't blame the rest as they all had told you to be careful and never to take hasty decisions.

You play the lottery each day and there are two options:


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