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Healthcare Case

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CICS Admin Tasks

Setting up new CICS Regions

Monitoring the CICS System Transactions

Making connections to all the relevant DBMS systems

Defining CICS system tables

Maintaining CICS system tables

ABEND Analysis and Resolutions

Analyzing CICS System logs

Recycling the CICS regions

Identifying Problem Areas and applying patches on a proactive basis

Educating CICS developers/testers for better performance of CICS transactions

Supporting Web application developers/testers

MQSeries Admin Tasks

Setting up new queue managers

Defining Local and Remote Queues

Managing Cluster Queues

MQRL Log monitoring

Ensuring smooth MQ traffic

Executing MQ utilities (CSQUTIL, Change Log Inventory, Print Log Map, Log Print, Queue-sharing Group, Active Log Pre-format, Dead-letter Queue Handler

Define Business Intelligence terms.

• Differentiate features and functions of data marts from those of a data


• Articulate the benefits of business intelligence (for example: provide timely

information, extend the use of query tools, help to understand your

business, extend the number of people who can make use of it).

• Explain scheduling options (time/event/function).

• Illustrate how network communications impacts Business Intelligence


• Differentiate multi-dimensional database versus relational database


• Differentiate between operational data store and data warehouse for

update/refresh situations.

• Given BI data and customer requirement criteria, select appropriate tools

to perform transformation, extraction, data modeling, data cleansing,

loading, and propagation.

• Describe metadata management techniques and processes.


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