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Facebook in Our Lives

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Facebook in Our Lives

Nowadays, the social media have an important role in our lives and the development of technology has made the social media easy to access. As a result, in our daily life we can easily check our profiles via smart phones or any other devices. Facebook is one of the social media platforms on the Internet and the most frequently used one. Like the Internet, this platform has advantages and disadvantages for people.

At the beginning, Facebook was based on finding friends in college but day by day with the development of technology, it spread all over world and it started to offer new ways for socializing with people. In addition to finding existing friends, people can meet other likeminded people and get together in a Facebook group and communicate with each other. Also, they can organize events via Facebook. Facebook is such a simple platform to use that elderly people can comprehend its functions and purpose in a relatively short time. Another advantage of Facebook has to do with smart phone applications. Now, most of the applications require an account to use them but if a person has a Facebook account, he does not need a new account on other applications. He can simply use his Facebook to sign in.

On the other hand, Facebook has disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages are questionable because not all of the Facebook users are complaining about them. For example, people can monitor the acts of their children or younger relations on Facebook if they want. This facility disturbs young people because of their need for privacy, and especially because of the comments of relatives, some of which can be embarrassing for them. In addition to these questionable disadvantages, this platform has one obvious disadvantage. This is that it leads to waste of time. People spend most of their time on Facebook. They visit their friends’ profiles, play games, watch videos, and once they start, nobody can stop them. Also, sometimes their moves on Facebook disturb the others.


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