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Computer Mediated Communication - Communications, New Media and Society

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NM1101E  Communications, New Media and Society

Week 4 CMC: Conceptual Application & Experiential Exercise

Name: Diana Himawan (Tutorial Group  W16  / Day & Time: Fri, 3-4pm)

            :  Christine Chia (Tutorial Group  W2  / Day & Time: Mon, 3-4pm)

For this experiential assignment, use your laptop, tablet or phone to experience different computer-mediated communication platforms. Work in pairs with a classmate to apply the concepts of Self Presentation/Self-Disclosure, Social Presence and Media Richness.

Based on the table below, find at least ONE type of CMC medium (and a specific example) for each of the six cells based on levels of Self Presentation/Self Disclosure, Social Presence and Media Richness. Briefly explain your answers.

Social Presence/Media Richness




Self Presentation

/Self Disclosure


Online forums which allow anonymity and for you to post whatever views you want in certain groups.

Facebook – social platform where people may choose to keep identity anonymous but tend to reveal a lot of personal information due to nature of platform

LinkedIn – social business and recruiting platform where you have to share information about yourself which is real and truthful


Online Games – you can join public servers just to play and not reveal who you are. It also acts as a social gaming community so you feel deindividualized.

E-mails – no profile shown expect e-mail address and it is focused on tasks that you want to communicate about. (medium social presence because it is directed at certain people and not entirely anonymous)

Text messaging – people you message are normally people you know and you may not be close to them, thus you do not reveal as much. High social presence because they will know who you are.


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