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Mass & Media Communication

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According to Fred communication is the process of transmitting message and understanding from one person to another by using different channels (2010). The word of communication is Latin verb derived from “communicare” means “To share or to make common” (Gordon, 2009).

There are multiple ways through which individuals can communicate with each other however they are classified into two broad categories which are verbal and non-verbal communication.  When we choose how we will communicate then we come to know the specific classifications of communication. In verbal communication, we utilize voice tone and language to pass on data and the medium which is utilized in verbal communications are discussions, interviews, calls, emails, and face to face communication and so forth. In the nonverbal communication communicator without utilizing any medium of spoken or medium used for composing is known as the nonverbal communication. The mediums which are utilized as a part of Non-verbal communication are gestures, appearances, eye contact etc. The communication can be effective only when the individuals use both simultaneously.

In non-verbal communication the movement of body i.e. gestures, changing directions, eye movement create transmit a message to another person.  These signs might be unpretentious or self-evident, and they can be opposing: A man may state a something while non-verbal communication passes on a completely unique message.

There are a number of ways for non-verbal communication some of the methods are described below.

Nonverbal communication depends on signs. This type of style transmitting message with the sign is mostly used when communicating with a person who is deaf so they can understand the language of signs. Both of the individual’s sender and receiver can interpret the message by understanding the particular signs. In our daily routine, we use different gestures i.e. to say hello or thumb up a sign for good work however these signs are interpreted according to the culture of a specific country.

Appearance and individual cleanliness are two critical ways of non-verbal communication; particularly the people judge each other in the first impression. The distance between sender and receiver also transmit few messages of its own. The distance between two individuals determines the intimacy level.  

Clothing standards are viewed as a method for non-verbal communication. They can pass on messages extending from incitement to respect. It is for this method of reasoning that individuals dress diversely to a meeting than they dress to a show or a club. Non-verbal communication is the general viewpoint of the body, for example, stance and body stride. People stands in different postures that depends upon situation i.e. when the national anthem is played in a stadium the public stands with hands on their heart while doing speech they use different gestures similarly during a military rehearsal the positions of hands are straight, therefore, each gesture represents and give a unique meaning.  


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