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Agile Software Development

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An Introduction to Agile Software Development

What is Agile software development? Agile software development describes a set of values ​​and principles for software development, which the requirements and solutions by organized cross-functional teams' combined efforts. It supports planning, evolution development, initial delivery, and continuous improvement, and it promotes quick and flexible feedback of change.

Agile software development is not a set of device or single method, but a philosophy was written in 2001, the important of the Agile was lots of document-based software development methods like waterfall method. However, the publication of " “Manifesto for Agile Software Development" did not start to transfer to the agile method.

The method of Agile was popular by the Agile Manifesto, which define that values and principles in this paper.

There are five terms of Agile Software Development values in paper:

  • Individuals and Interactions more than processes and tools
  • Working Software more than comprehensive documentation
  • Customer Collaboration more than contract negotiation
  • Responding to Change more than following a plan

This paper talks about the what is difference between the Agile and Waterfall methodology. In simple word which I understand Agile is specific type of Rapid Application and newer then waterfall, but that new, which is often implemented using Scrum. And Waterfall is a more properly “Traditional” approach.  In first corner, you have a traditional approach to the Waterfall method - where development is done as a linear series of ideas from the product. In the second corner, you have Agile method - repeatable approach to a flexible, team-centric, lean development.

In Agile, there are two types of methodology, paper talks about: XP and Scrum

XP is stand for extreme Programming. XP was designed so that the organizations are free to adopt all or part of the system. Extreme Programming (XP) is a software engineering system, which is the most famous of many smart software development methods. Like other agile methods, Extreme programming is different from traditional methods. In XP, there are some rules and concepts. The XP rules are planning, managing, designs, coding, and testing. The concepts are Integrate often, Project velocity, pair programming, and user story.


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