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Abc Company’s Business Plan

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3. The Evaluate of ABC company’s business plan for the reason why it has succeeded

The evaluation of the first & the second month, we forecasted our new business will make a little bit loss as in the early stage but our company have not paid the consultants fee to complete customer & competition research which can be reduce the expense to save money.

The evaluate strategy of our plan

In our decisions, it made profit however there are some points should much focus on for our business improvement. The business figures lasted more than four months was successful. We receive sales increased once we start increased the production quality & amount.

The end of the business we were in our overdraft with the excessive monthly costs, at this stage we ended the business. There was clearly some decisions made that failed the business, which should have required more thought and input. I believe the main problem we faced was spending too much money on the consultants and other parts of the business at the beginning, which resulted in the sales not being able to cover the money we spent.

We were constantly month after month increasing the level of production, which lead to more availability for customer, having a car intended we could get the product to the customer within a reasonable time. Evaluating the production of the business I believe we made the right decisions by increasing the level month by month so it made products more available to customers, which helped to increase sales.

Half way through the business, we purchased 20 components, and had 25 products in stock; we only had one order, as of result of this we decided more marketing is required. We have decided that an advertisement is required, and in a local newspaper would be the best decision, for 3 months to reach a large audience.

After a monthly run it proved we had 16 Enquiries and 9 orders which is a significant increase from previous months, which we related to the increase in marketing. We decided to focus on operations within this month; we changed the quality to normal rather that minimal however this will take 15 minutes rather than 2 minutes. We increased production to 10 due to the increased interest and increased monthly components to 499.

After another monthly run, it was clear we were not making enough profit from our sales; we therefore need to decrease our quality. On the hope of making more money we have increased the price, from £320 to £350.

We had order count 4 - 7 & to secure the orders we have produced 16 - 25computers. We are selling a share of the company for £10,000. We have relocated to small business centre monthly cost of £250.00 for 200 square foot.

We reduced the components form 1575 to 1040 = 535 as to satisfy present orders amount and manufacture 16 units & also changed the target of segment from business (Solo) to businesses (ICT)


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