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"the Failing of Input Based Schooling Policies" by Eric Hanushek

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Hanushek key arguments

In an attempt to raise student performance, governments tend to increase the resources devoted to schools. However, there is strong evidence that student performance - measured by test scores- is not related to the amount of resources devoted to schools. Indeed, a number of studies show that input policies such as reducing class size, hiring teachers with more education or more years of experience have no influence on student achievement.

On another hand, Hanushek (2003) insists on the importance of resources however they should be utilized more efficiently to produce a better outcome. He also adds that “altered sets of incentives could dramatically improve the use of resources.”(Hanushek, 2003, p. 89). In other words, resource policies should be focused on programs that target student achievement.

Even though input policies have proven to be ineffective in most studies, governments still consider them as the best alternative to improve school performance.

Policy alternatives presented by Hanushek

To improve school quality, a government can choose between input polices and incentive policies. Government should focus on the incentives that would increase student performance. For example, teacher quality could be improved by incentive based policy such as merit pay programs or rewards paid to entire schools. Hanushek also suggests two other types of incentive policies: reward programs based on outcomes for private firms who provide academic related services and the choice of schools as parents and students will choose the school with the best reputation which will create an incentive for all school to perform better.

Policy recommendations

Even though the government is experiencing a fiscal deficit, spending on primary education should be held constant. In his article Hanushek points out the great


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