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What Are the Causes of Bully?

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  1. Briefly write what the article was about.

The article was about a victim of bullying by both her teacher and her peers and how she looks back and finds redemption.

  1. What are the causes of bully?

The causes of bully are to bring down those who are popular or well liked, intelligent, determined and creative as well as those who get a lot of positive attention. For the author, her perpetrators exploited to bring her down because she was an extremely headstrong and outspoken girl at the school.

  1. How does bullying affect a child?

Bullying can affect a child developmental processes and parts of his/her brains affected by the traumatic event and cause he/she will always possess the memories of that trauma.

  1. How bullying can be prevented?

School officials and counselors should perform reflective interviews with bullies while victims must be encouraged to report the acts and actions of bullies.

  1. Based on the article, describe the author’s emotions as a victim of bully.

The author think and act  positively although she was a victim of bully by learning how to forgive and trying to channel the hurt, anger, bitterness into positivity, write about it, compose a song, paint pictures with it or do anything to release those pent up emotions.

  1. Based on the article, how bullying can be turned into positivity?

Based on the article, bullying can be turned into positivity by doing anything to release those pent up emotions  such as write about it, compose a song or paint pictures with it.


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