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Bullying Comparing the Past to Present

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Andrea Johnson



Bullying Comparing the Past to Present

Bullying Comparing the Past to Present

Harassment is one of the central tribulations kids and teenagers around the world face every day. Bullying can take place anywhere, in ones neighborhood, school, homes, or even in today’s world on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. As I and many other young people feel school is like a second home, and since bullying has became a problem that can’t be ignored several schools have launched anti-bully campaigns and bullying prevention programs. In spite of the programs and campaigns, bullying still happens in every corner of schools and bathrooms and many times authorities do not know of such doings. This is a serious issue and something has to be done about it and not just looked over, especially when harm or a life is taken.

My wonders are on the evolution of bullying, when it all began, how bullying came about, and how sever was it back in the day. My answers may not be answered but I do believe bullying wasn’t worse back then or now; it’s equally all wrong and treacherous. Bullying comes in two ways verbal or physical and the cause of it is unknown, but I have a strong feeling it comes from diversity on things one is unfamiliar with, threatened by, or hiding something.

On my theory on the cause of bullying, the situation in Little Rock, AK when nine African American students entered an all white school in 1967, where they suffered verbal and physical abuse, comes to mind for an illustration of abuse from back in the days. There may not be as many cases of bullying identified like there are today but it is a sure thing that bullying did take place. Back in the days a lot of the bullying took place during the Civil Rights Movement not just in schools, but at restaurants, jobs, grocery stores, just about anywhere. As time pasted and new invents came about a new way for bullying to take place is on the internet. Many people spend a lot of their time on the computer in chat rooms, community websites, or just any website that one can communicate with another on. I can recall several years ago the Columbine High School massacre. Those two boys were so frustrated of the abuse that they took matters into their own hands. Not making excuses for what them two boys did, even


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