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Stakeholder Theory and Its Applications

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Group Project Instructions

1 Project Theme

1.1 Your group project must comply with the theme - "Stakeholder theory and its applications". Your project group may choose one of the following approaches to examine how stakeholder theory is applied by a business, a government agency or a segment of society. In essence you should examine the manner in which Business, Government and Society interact in Singapore in the setting or issue you have chosen.

Examples –

a. Setting – a government statutory agency and its stakeholders.

b. Issue – ride sharing and its impact

1.2 The various approaches include and are not limited to the suggestions below:

to examine a business, a government agency or a segment of society and how one of the three -

a. engages with stakeholders;

b. addresses a current issue affecting them [e.g. taxi companies in dealing with the sharing economy; neighbours in addressing the abandonment of shared bicycles];

c. CSR implementation and results.

1.3 your report must involve your group engaging with a group of stakeholders to obtain views and inputs for your report. For example, if your group is examining a company's consumer engagement, you might wish to interact with their consumers.

2 Components of your Group Project Report & Assessment

2.1 Terms of reference/Aims and objectives [10 marks]

What is the purpose of your project?

Is the Scope of the Project Clear?

Is there bold well-defined scope to this project so I will know as a reader how they have addressed the aims?

2.2 Use of literature [20 marks]

Does the report refer to the existing academic and industry literature? Does it summarise the literature and use it to frame


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