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Out of a Country's Health Budget

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A country health budget seems to be crucial factor regarding its citizens. Its use in inefficient way could be detrimental for the country itself .So its wise use is demanded. In my view health education and prevention is important but kept secondary ,because if the country's health budget is divided into promoting health education then following consequences may occur, like a sudden hike in the cost of medicines .Country's competitiveness with its contemporaries would lag and would be viable to certain safety issues at the national level. The population would get affected by high mortality rate. Also countries economy would alter if a proper subdivision of budget won't take place.

As the cost of medicine would increase certainly a country's economy would going to get affected as the cost of commodities of daily use increase and in return will effect an individual's pocket with an increase in the cost of medicines would also increase the import of the country which will decrease its currency and its status.

In today's world each and every country is mostly concerned about its growth in all of its relevant sector like finanacial, economical ,warfare etc inadequate use of the health budget would end up a country getting preyed to various ambitious attack of other countries like Syria. Recently a chemical attack imposed by Syria killed nearly 1500 people in us .So to defend this sort of situation new and technologically advanced medicine would be needed to face other future unevitable crisis.

Lack of intelligent use of health budget increase the mortality rate to a significant extent since the population of the country in growing day by day and its quite obvious that population directly effects the accommodation capacity and facilities of hospitals lack of facilities promotes death of people at larger rate.

Also proper use of health budget can promotes requirement requirement of better machines and equipment


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