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Online Gaming Is Detrimental to Young People's Social Development

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Online gaming is detrimental to young people's social development

Nowadays, much of young students like to play computer games during the free time, some of adults thinks that playing online games is bad for people’s social development. However ,others believe the online gaming is improve the social of young people’s.  

Normally, teenagers playing online game at home along, they may spend long time on the gaming. In addition, they don’t have much time to going out with their friends in the real world by face to face. After few mouths, they might don’t have that good relationship with their friends like they used to be in the real world, because they have not enough time to communicate with their friends, but there are still a large numbers of upside of young people playing online games.


During the youth, most of then would like kill their time on the fun not study, and they might even have more pressure than an adult, online gaming is a very popular sports to release the pressure. Sometime people have something want to saying out, but they might afraid talk to people who nearby them, they prefer talk with a friend witch they met in the game or online. If a shy person afraid of talking to a stranger face to face, the online gaming is a better method to makes them open and clear.



Furthermore, people who in the online world, they often do not put a mark to each other, everyone are same, there is no rich people, no poor people, no good looking or bad looking, no against, people’s team up together only for fun, no one care who you are in the real world, you might have a team partner who is a famous person or president, I think that everyone may play games during the free time, even the president, so, playing online games is a very valuable chance for young people to get known the different people in the society.


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