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Online Game Report

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Online Game Report


 Name of your company

 Size of your company

 Background of establishment of the company


 About your game

1. Name, type, potential players of the game

2. Content of the game

 Your team

1. Team members you need

2. Responsibilities (general description)

3. Requirements

a) Age/gender

b) Educational/work Experience

c) Relevant skills

d) Other requirements like traveling, working overtime, etc.

 Your Company

1. Combined with your analysis, identify an appropriate structure (an organizational structure chart needed) “(see appendix I)”

2. Roles and responsibilities of each participant in the structure. (detailed description)

3. Control and coordination in the company

i. Teamwork/individual (combined with your analysis)

ii. Inter- or intra-departmental relations (subordinate-superior, peers’ relations)

 Leadership

4. Requirements

i. Abilities

ii. Skills

iii. Experience

5. Qualities


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