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Narcissism in the World Today

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Narcissism in the world today is a huge part of society. I believe that we are a culture of narcissism, which can be caused by technology. The media has an extremely large effect on how people act the way they do and how people view certain topics. People view the media as a source of what they should look like or be like in order to fit in. Women want to look like the supermodels that are on the cover of magazines and that are photo shopped and edited. The media and advertisers have made it impossible for people to look like those supermodels and have given men expectations that are unattainable. Men are looking at these models or celebrities that look great in the pictures and want to be with someone who looks like that. It makes their standards so high that women cannot compete with something that is not real. Women have to compete with this image and because of this, they begin to have self-esteem issues. People are concerned and obsessed with the idea of popularity and being the best. Technology can be a benefit in many ways, however, in this case, it is not a benefit. People are always on their cell phones or iPads and it has become the way to communicate. Even at the dinner tables, families are becoming more and more distant because everyone is so busy with technology to actually be bonding with one another. Along with technology, education and economics plays a role in narcissism. Having money can make people stand up a little higher and hold their chin up high while holding or wearing fancy designers. The average person cannot do this, which can cause them to be envious. But this is not the case for everyone. However, these people who don’t show off tend to be more educated in ways where they do not like to make others feel lesser. If someone is snobby and rude, no one will want to be around you. But if the person is smart and considers themselves as equal to others and considers the person to be who they really are, you will be loved. When one is a bit narcissistic, I think that that is fine, because you do have to enjoy being yourself. But if one is extremely narcotic, no one would want to be around him/her.


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