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Metamorphosis - Modernization Case

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To describe the current environment is very challenging. We know for a fact that we are

living today in a world of modernization. And so, it is expected that we are brought nowadays by

HighTechnological machines, tools, equipments etc. Yes they make our life comfortable but kidding

aside, our environment suffers the most. Changes taking place in our environment in the recent

years have become a grave cause of concern for all. But, we still ruin our mother earth.

Many environmental issues are sprouting all over the world, and we pretty know that we

are the reason behind this. Pollution, global warming, climate change,greenhouse effect and a whole

lot more. We all experience them presently. Pollution caused by wastes that were improperly

disposed by humans that affects not only land, but also bodies of water and the atmosphere as well.

Because of this many communicable diseases are also growing and expanding.

Let us not prolong this statement because we are pretty sure that, we are aware of this

issues. The point here is that, we are trying to inculcate to our minds that if we are the reason above

all this environmental problems, then we are also the ones who will make a change and solve this

isuues. We just have to be disciplined enough, matured enough, and sensitive enough of all the



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