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Local Color

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There are a few examples of local color here at Livermore High School. Some are unique students and others are legends that are spread about our "haunted campus". However, the biggest phenomena of Local Color that takes place at our high school is our lunch time ritual.

Our high school contains many cliques. If you are not familiar with the term, clique, it can be described as a small exclusive group of people. Our campus is very divided. There are meeting spots between each period for each group. One of the largest, and most often loudest, is the Hispanic hang out between the four hundred building and three hundred building.

The most extreme act of segregation however happens at lunch. If narrated by Discovery Channel, this action could only be described as the separation of prides or herds to decrease competition. During feeding time, the academically advanced student usually hang out in the library to do homework and study or in a teachers classroom. The "nerds" reside in the science quad where they play ping pong. They also engage in activities such as playing "Magic", a card game in which each game represents battles between might wizards which is often played in Mr. Bailey's classroom. The baseball fields are preferred by the "loving" couples that enjoy physical activity with their partner. Due to this, most try their hardest to avoid this area.

Near the baseballs fields, in the alley where Mr. McNealy's is, there is a small group of cowboys that rope a fake steer in a form of entertainment. A few paces away, on the side of the woods and metal workshop building, there is a line of tables under the overhang which is a favored spot for another group of cowboys and or people that live on farms or in the country.

The next group nest in-between the four hundred and three hundred buildings. Previously mentioned, this is the dwelling of the Hispanic population at our school. They are a very rambunctious group and often play music or talk, occasionally sing, very loudly.

Across the way, nearing the student union, there is a table located underneath the shade of a very large tree. This is the hang out of the so called "Asian group". They are also a very lively and loud group, but are very interesting. It is often that when you walk by you will hear them before you see them. You sometimes get to hear the very quick words of another language or hear music. When the sound has caught your attention you have to look and sometimes get


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