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Coca Cola & Its Involvement with Local Business

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Global Localisation is a policy that both companies have implemented successfully.

Give examples of each from the case study.

Pepsi & its involvement with local business

In order to progress it’s entrance into the Indian market Pepsi had selected two local partners Voltas & Punjab Agro. Pepsi products were rebranded or renamed into Lehar Pepsi and Lehar 7Up following Pepsi’s entrance into the Indian market. Foreign collaboration rules (which were extremely strict at the time) prevented the use of any foreign brand names on products for sale in India. Lehar 7Up was launched as it was deemed to be in keeping with local tastes.

Coca Cola & its involvement with local business

Coca Cola circumvented these prohibitive laws by joining forces with Britania Industries India Ltd and it was renamed Britania Foods, & from this Coca Cola India was born. Coca Cola then purchased the leading brands of soft drinks from the primary manufacturer in India of Soft Drinks Parle. Parles’ former CEO was named as Chairman of the new partner (localisation) and Coca Cola filled the Managing Directors postion from a global perspective.

Promotional Strategies & Advertising Campaigns employed by Pepsi & Coca Cola

Pepsi sponsors the Navrati celebrations by holding massive dancing (Garba) competitions. Pepsico also sponsored the telecast of the Guyurati TV channel for the total nine nights of the festival.

In addition to these sponsorships both companies upped their game by participating in immense giveaways, price reductions and additional free products tied in such as Basmati rice (majorly attractive in certain regions) alongside free Kitkats & Polos which also served as a platform for introducing international brands at a local level.



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