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Local History of Tagaytay

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Local History


From Its etymological words "Taga" which means to cut and "Itay" which means father. From the legend of these words, once there was a father, and a son was said to be hunting a wild bear when suddenly the animal that they were chasing attack them. as the bear attacks towards the old man, the son cried "Taga-Itay". The boy's repeating words reverberated in the valleys of the ridge. The residence hearted it and became the subjects of those conversations even on the country sides. And that became Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is a very great place for leisure. It became a city during 1938. Before it was just a small mountain village for some 300 families, but because of the vast potentials as a recreational center, investors began building business during 1970's and quickly transform into a modern city.

During the Philippine revolution of 1896, Tagaytay became the sanctuary of revolutionaries as well as the nearby provinces. It played a significant role to the Philippines history during world war II. The ridge, and the forest is used by the Filipino USAFFE soldiers as their landing site and sanctuary as well as paratroopers on their way to liberate Manila from the Japanese on February 3 to March 3, 1945. On February 3, the forces of Lt. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger performed a combat jump attack the Japanese just like the ambush in Los Baños to rescue their country men. It is also a chartered city when former President Manuel Quezon signed the commonwealth act no. 338.

One of the most visited place in Tagaytay is the People's Park in the Sky or simply Palace in the Sky, standing at the south of Taal Volcano which stands at the peak of Mt. Gonzales. During the 70's, former First Lady Imelda Marcos ordered to construct the Palace in the sky that would be use as a guesthouse of the


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