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Is Being Involved in Community Issues Important to You

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September 21st, 2017


Being actively involved in my community is not only important to me but it is fulfilling. As a young girl, my environment and the harsh living conditions in which I found myself bred in me a strong desire to become a politician and an agent of change. To me it is not only about helping or feeling involve, it is a desire and the responsibility to effectuate change. For most people, being involved in community issues is very political to them. For me, it is a knowledge gain and an experience that can benefit me, members of my community and my community. Not everyone can get involved in community issues, for some people, as long as the issue does not affect them directly, it is not their problem.

I believe there are contributions you can make that will make a difference. We all should get involve in our community issues and advocate to positive change. Even if you do not get the result that you expect but what you get in return is both priceless and invaluable. You get a sense of fulfilment, a sense of belonging, in whatever stage of life you are at. Life prospects have become increasingly tough for our young people, so finding different ways of improving their chances in this very competitive world that we live in is becoming more and more important. Being actively involved in community issue will help pave the way for better living conditions and make life or living conditions more bearable.

Being Involve with your community helps prepare you to become responsible and an active citizens, who understand the challenges local people face and work to improve the quality of life through political and non-political processes. Through involving in community issues, you can learn how to participate in a democratic society, how a community and its institutions work, and how citizens can together help address social problems. It also helps show young people and the important to building strong communities. Being involved keeps you busy on positive things that make a difference, meeting supportive adults, making new friends, and building skills to manage life.


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