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Introduction of Ils Energy Corporation Pte Ltd

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Introduction of ILS Energy Corporation Pte Ltd

ILS Energy Corporation Pte Ltd has been serving the marine, oil and gas industry for more than 30 years. It has empowered its customers with solutions that span the entire energy supply chain.

From equipment customization, to contract manufacturing and fabrication packages, to maintenance and repair, their team of experts approaches every onshore and offshore project with precision and unwavering attention to quality and cost control. Their engineers have successful managed several turnkey projects exceeding stringent standards and delighting customers with exceptional quality across the globe. (ILS Energy Corporation, 2011)

Problems in ILS

1) ILS QC keep rejecting the final products, as the quality for the finished products is very poor.

2) The sales for ILS need to be improved.

3) ILS employees are not motivated

Training & Development

In ILS Energy Corporation Pte Ltd, whether is for the new employee or the existing staff, HR will need to arrange training and development every now and then. Attending training courses enable employees to gain better technique knowledge to perform their jobs more effectively. There are times which continuous learning also enable employees to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, understand the entire work process and apply new skills or share what they have learned.

All these training and continuous learning will help companies to reduce time wastage, absenteeism, lateness, sickness and workplace accidents. This type of training and development will create the employee to have a better understanding of expectations between employers and employees and undertake higher grade task.

So that's why as taken from Zorlu (2009: 63): “HR is responsible for providing life-long learning (from recruitment to retirement) for their employees. Learning and development should not be restricted only to skills, competencies or knowledge; it should cover career development.“

This is very important especially in the engineering line when there are machines being upgraded or being replaced with a new version or more sophisticated machines to cope with the current and future orders.

Since 1999, ILS’s company vision is to be the world class machining and fabrication operation that will obtain a larger market share, provide a broader


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