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Global Leadership Think Globally Appreciating Diversity

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Global Leadership:

Thinking Globally and Appreciating Diversity

Intan Syuriani Ismail, Syakurah Abdullah, Hazeerah Ismail,

Norfazrin Mohamad Noh, Nurul Suhana Sulaiman, Harnidah Hussein

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia




The purpose of this paper is to understand the perspectives of thinking globally and appreciating diversity in global leadership. This paper is underlying the concept of leaderships and to comprehend the evolution of leadership theories. The contents also described the scope and implications of globalization to the employees and organization. It highlights certain characteristics of global leadership to determine the outcomes of globalization cultural diversity.

It also covers the basic understanding of diversity and factors that affecting to diversity.  Therefore, we are able to understand the development of global mindset and its importance to organization to actively looking and expand globally.


Leadership, Globalization, Global Leadership, Diversity, Global Mindset


        Globalization is a set of processes which global institutions, economic, political, social and cultural to handle a rising of load of global problems and interactions. In this new phenomenon, to expand globally the organization need leaders who are understand on the dynamic and diverse global environments. Leadership must be exercised effectively and accordingly depending on the different environments, skills or traits. Leadership is viewed as a complex social process involving emotions, opinions, and behaviors that can affect others. It is actually the ability to develop a vision that can motivate and direct others to accomplish the objectives and common goal of the organization. The concept is changing and affected by the dynamic situation; resulted from the uncertain global economic situation, cultural diversity, belief system and paradigms of various religious traditions, the rapid change in technologies and uncertainty of political situation. These factors give challenge in understanding the leadership concept because it is difficult to give absolute definition and measurement under what situations it is effectively exercised. 

The competitive advantage through complexity of multicultural workforce urges to cultivate a global leadership. Global leadership must be able to take a global perspective to take into consideration of the culture of the specific country. In order to ensure the organization survival, the leaders need to have global mindset. The acquisition of a true global mindset enables leadership effectiveness in a global capacity. The global mindset emphasize on how leaders influence group, organization and system; and values cultural diversity in order to successfully competing and growing globally.


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