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Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper

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Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper

Logan Grabski


April 2nd, 2018

Kim Henagan

Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper

When Columbus found America in 1942, he did not know what to expect. When he walked down his ship to this newly discovered land no one had heard about before, it was all new. It was not new, it's been there for decades, but the people, culture, and place has never existed within his knowledge before.

On the other hand, were the residents who were living there for years, they may have heard about other places outside their territory, but never bothered to check. Being they had land and a place to be with their community they felt very comfortable.

Being that Columbus discovered them, has turned the light on them. Since they were the only human there they were not a minority or majority; they were rather the only kind of people there. Columbus, excited about his new finding wanted to engage with them about it, learn more, and bring others there. The reaction from the locals as we know from our history books was not peaceful; the local felt invaded, the culture, community, and privacy were at risk, they felt as if the western world is coming up against them. Columbus and his team had no intention of invading them, all they wanted to do is learn and discover more, but the perspective in which they and the locals used was one that did not see each other as equals. They were diverse from one another.

Being that each group had its own lifestyle, culture, religion, and practices, getting involved and mixed with each other did not seem right for both parties. Since they were different, each felt they should have something the other does not since they are better or have a better claim.

The diversity they both were exhibiting was not a negative one, rather a cultural one. For a team of researcher from the west to encounter with local Indians, the differences were vast.

It is only years later, after the bloodshed and the various wars this country has gone through

that we recognize our errors and evaluate our pattern of behaviors to ensure the treatment we give each other is fair.


Knowing what diversity is, what it stands for, and best ways to engage with it to achieve best outcomes is through actively engaging about it and the behaviors each represents.

A group of students in school can be diverse since they are part of


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