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European Expansion and European Global Dominance

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What was the turning point in European expansion and European global dominance – the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453 or Columbus' discovery of the New World in 1492? Provide specific examples to prove your argument and be sure to consider European contact in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.I) Introduction:

 People = celebrations/graduations, birthdays, & religious

 Candles = light, first candle = Mayans used torches

 Candles = profit, fun, or personal use

 According to the Times newspaper, the candle's sold in stores have brought larger profit than expected.

 Fun = shaped easily

 Homemade gift = family member

 Candle = my brother's graduation

 Friend = bought candle $

Central Idea: Making a candle can be achieved by adapting to three basic steps.


1) Finding the right materials

2) Melting the wax

3) Making a molded ice cube candle

II) Body:

Main Idea I. Gather the needed equipment:

A. You will need wax = use old or purchase.

1. Personal experience as a candle maker/ wax = same results in quality & quantity.

B. You will need wicks = make wicks or purchase.

1. Ray Shaw's 2002 book titled Candle Art – "heavy braided cotton string works just as good."

C. You will need a double boiler = make your own.

1. In a 2007 article published in the Candlewick Journal, Robert's article titled "Let's Make Candles" stated that making your fist candle = making your own double boiler.

Main Idea II. Melt the wax:

A. place wax in the = double boiler/coffee can in a pan of water.

1. Famous quote – "Wax in the double boiler, loses nothing by making another candle."

B. Water boils/turn down the heat.



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