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Gathering Research Paper

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Gathering Research Data

CJA/ 334 Research Methods in Criminal Justice

April 9, 2012

Gathering Research Data

In our society today when one thinks of police officers the first thought that comes to mind is that something is wrong or someone is in trouble. A police officer’s duty is to maintain public order, preventing and detecting crime. Police officers also known as cops have been around since the ancient Romans. It was the ancient Romans who came up with the theory that an organization of “peace keepers” would reduce the violence and crimes being committed. Police officers have a duty and that duty is to enforce the rules of conduct or law. Of course, achieving this mission is dangerous. Often when a police officer leaves his or her home to go to work they may ask themselves these questions, “will I be coming back home when my shift is over” or “will a simple traffic stop go wrong and someone ends up dead?” These are thoughts that are part of the stress that come with this job.

Purpose of Research and Data Gathering

It is by no surprise that a lot of dedication goes into police work. Throughout the day there are a lot of risks that officers face. This includes putting their life’s on the line for another which is likely the biggest risk of all. So what satisfaction could would an officer get from this job? What satisfaction do their families get including their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, spouses and children? What are some dissatisfaction that they may experience from the job as well as the family members stated above?

It is definitely an admirable and noble job and police officers should be proud of themselves. However, would an officer recommend this career for others trying to pursue a career in this field? Is there anything the government can do for their employees to make their job easier? Do police officers think their receiving what they deserve for all the effort they are giving? These may seem like questions that would be asked on a survey and could very well be, but these are just the reasons why one would research to see if police officers get satisfaction from their jobs with so many cons.


The task would be to ask a group of police officers with a minimum of five years on the force to answer the questions on a questionnaire that I would be passing out to them. The first question would ask them. If another job with the same income and benefits was proposed to them that involved no danger to them would they trade their law enforcement job for the new one? What would they change about their specific division if given an opportunity? What is the biggest pro of their job and what do they


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