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Explain Recent Demographic Change Within Home Country

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Shattered House

I was beautiful when I was first built. Many enjoyed my warmth and comfort. I sheltered everything, everyone from harm. Rich and spacious I was described and boy did I like the compliments. I welcomed it with open doors. Does that mean I'm vain? My double-glazing windows opened to allow the vitamin-filled sunlight. Did u know sunlight is really good for skin but you have to be careful how long you bathe in it? I was overall gorgeous:

It was around noon, when the terror started. I noticed the clouds began to darken, as if they were angry or depressed. My happiness slowly faded as I took in the malicious weather, like people say happiness doesn't last long, and I was beginning to realise that myself.

The horror-struck. My expensive paint peeled off. My lovely skin. Harmed. My cocoon felt rough and sharp to touch. Chunks of cement dropped from my body: my structure was falling as heavy hailstones beat against my fragile self. Branches clawed their way through my walls. Slashing at me as pain spread through me like fire, my sensitive skin destroyed. The trees that once were my trusty companions had turned against me. I was left exposed to the evil weather that was out to get me, those hatred-filled vagabonds vandalised me, leaving me broken.

It wasn't long before my body started to decay from the unclean waters that left me chilled. The disgusting smell of my rotting wood interior drifted towards the people that live closed-by. The odour so strong it made me wants to flinch back and run away from it. Tempting as it sounded but I couldn't as it was a part of me.

I looked like a disgrace to the people. The same people that stood by my side for shelter now fled away. Why is it that when people need our help we are willing to help them but when in times of trouble e.g. now, they ran to save their own lives. In their eyes as well as mine I wasn't worth living. A huge gap threatened the people that lived in me. My roof. I couldn't protect them from harm anymore. I was useless! I was sure I was falling apart. And no engineer, no cement, no fixing could bring me back to how I was before. I was damaged goods that can't be returned back to the shops.


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