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Value Change of Dell Computer

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Any service contract applicable to your system is identified by the Service Tag number and may be transferred only in conjunction with the transfer of the entire system. If the system is being transferred into a geographic location in which the same service as provided under the subject service contract is not available at the same price as was initially paid for this service contract by the customer, or if the new owner desires a different category of service, then there may be an additional charge for this transfer. All such transfers will otherwise be subject to the terms and conditions of the original service agreement. Service, the limited warranty or Dell support may not be available in your geographic location. No service and/or warranty will be extended solely because of this transfer.

Dell cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products, limited warranties, service, or technical support or the accuracy of the listings of products you purchase from a party other than Dell.

If you have any questions regarding the ownership transfer of this system, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-624-9897. To transfer to or from the US Territory Islands, please use the International Transfer Form. All requests to transfer ownership, service, limited warranty* and Dell support are determined at Dell's sole discretion. Dell reserves the right to refuse to honor transfer requests and requests for warranty coverage and/or service if Dell has not received payment for the subject system, even if you have made payment to another party. You may not return the system under the Dell Return Policy. All such transfer requests are otherwise


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