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Employee Portfolio Motivation Action Plan

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Employee Portfolio Motivation Action Plan

The most common strategy among these three employees is goal setting strategy. Many employees can be motivated by setting obtainable goals. When giving an employee a goal you are setting them up for a long term success without their realization. Goal setting is used as a strategy to help employees to achieve something higher. When you put in the effort for an employee they will put in the effort for you. This is a goal setting for both the employee and the employer.

Our first employee Laura is considered great management material. With her bright personality, willingness to learn, and positive attitude she will succeed. When she puts her mind to something she does not give up, this is a great personality quality. One goal would be to train her to be the trainer. She has a personality that is easy to get along with. When given more responsibility and recognition she will strive in her current position. Another goal would be to move her to a higher position with a possible higher pay grade. These days many employees are motivated by money, success, and happiness. By setting long term goals she will feel a sense of job security and that as well is a motivating factor to do the best in any way possible. Once the goals are set and the employee is actively working on them they will get a rewarding feeling. The feeling of self reward is an ultimate feeling that many people never get to experience.

Our second employee Jay Manding will also benefit from the goal setting theory. Jay is great employee who would appear rough around the edges and has issues with authority. One of the main goals for Jay would be to schedule face-time with his supervisor. Once this is accomplished the supervisor can do some hands-on training with Jay to help him excel. Another goal for this employee is to set time specific goals that are easily obtainable. One other way to motivate the employee would be to set a goal to incur more responsibilities over a certain period of time. By doing this the employee will definitely


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