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Presidential Action Plan Spring 2019

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Sam Abe


Presidential Action Plan Spring 2019


  • Administrate chapter and its members
  • Better myself as a man and a person, as well as my brothers
  • Supervise chapter events and event planning for smooth operations
  • Maintain strong relationships with each individual brother of chapter as well as other members of Greek life at university
  • Monitor chapter behavior and step in to maintain a positive reputation for each brother and a chapter as a whole
  • Maintain academic excellence and improve
  • Contribute to the community
  • Assist with every aspect of chapter, with a heavy focus on recruitment


  • Become a chartered chapter
  • Create an environment where each brother feels comfortable to be themselves
  • Increase chapter morale, attendance, and involvement
  • Improve reputation of chapter as a well-rounded, social group of men
  • Make forward steps in relationship with school administration and IFC
  • Become more financially responsible and sustainable
  • Host more events of better quality, for brothers and for guests including social events, brotherhood trips, and a non-Boston formal
  • Gain 10 quality new members
  • Improve communication between Board, officers, and brothers
  • Improve pledging process

Action Steps:

  • Finish chartering petition and organize chartering ceremony with VP’s of Brotherhood Enrichment, Retention, and Rituals
  • More substance-free brotherhood events at the house
  • Rewards system for showing up to events; minimum requirement
  • Plan higher quality events and spend more time organizing and delegating
  • Establish better relationships and network with other members in Greek life through mutual friends and extracurricular activities
  • Emphasize more on event planning during board meetings; involve social committee more
  • Establish a recruitment committee
  • Weekly updates during Chapter and coordinate meetings with officers
  • Work with VP of Brotherhood Enrichment to create a plan with emphases on brotherhood bonding and fraternity history


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