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Action Plan for Fundraising for the Penn Hills Football and Cheer Association

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`Action Plan for Fundraising for the Penn Hills Football and Cheer Association:

The plan of the Fundraising committee is to set-up as many fundraising opportunities each year to help off-set the cost of uniform and equipment.  The committee will begin to look into grants and help for our local community businesses with banners and other means.  In having these successful doing this we will help and make sure that the players and cheerleader’s are able to get new equipment without a having to pay a larger portion out of pocket.


(All amount are estimates)

  • Car Washes, Auto zone, Advance Auto-      $200-$300
  • Rita’s Nights,  have multiple nights before and during our season      $300-$400

Wendy’s, $200

  • Canning at local Super markets 3-4 different times –$ 500-$600
  • Hoagie sales  $200-$300
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 3 different time during our season ,for the whole season  $800-$1000
  • Have a Chick-Fil-A spirt night.  
  • Shout-out at each home game charge $2 Per shout outs
  • Discount card fundraisers are one of the best fundraising ideas for youth football leagues. Local businesses provide discounts and ABC Fundraising created a community discount card which looks like a credit card. The football players sell the cards for $15 or $20 and keep over 50% of the profits. Youth football teams love this fundraiser because it’s such an easy fundraiser and everyone loves the discounts on the discount card.
  • Funfest Bowling party- 50/50- depends on how many people buy tickets.
  • Pittsburgh Popcorn- 5,000-$7,500
  • Have a Chinese auction from items that have been donated from community businesses. $200-$300

Other opportunities to help and build funds are:


                Community business banners

                Uniform sponsorship, ie a patch, decal on helmets

                Business can buy commercial time during the game

An opportunity to help the Bantams boys with their travel and stay in Ohio,




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