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Does the Adult World Start Affecting Childhood Innocence?

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In this postmodern era if everything is in favour of multiplicity ,how could you rebuke the parents awating their child getting expertise in multiple sectors of life? This is the era of geniuses. And if the child somehow falls short of being recognized a genius ,both the parents and the child disqualify to join that G-group.Now if one sees a three year old dancing or singing extremely well in stage in a popular reality show,how could you stop her dreaming her/his own child doing the same?

Thus responsibility comes upon the young shoulders not to let their parents down. They try their level best to do well in everything like drawing , singing,dancing, swimming, cricket or tenis coaching so on and so forth ,not to forget about the studies. After all she/he has to prove her/him self an all rounder before the world.

What do you think they are all gifted or born geniuses!!! My answer will be, No. this is not possible. Next question is ,if not how could they manage everything so well? I'd like to answer it through a question. Just name one single child who manages to hold his success for considerable period of time in life. It might be one in a hundred or thousand or lakh. To get success once is not a big deal but the maintenance is something very difficult specially when it comes early in childhood. It gets thousand times more difficult when the focus is on plurality,for your child is not a god but a little talented being , awating blooming and grooming.

If we turn our head a little towards the horrible outcome of this kind of over expectation on the young mind we see 75% of them cannot bear so much of social and parental pressure and gradually lose their interest in everything and prefers to get him/her self confined in a secluded world . some gets confused and chooses the wrong direction of life. Some become so frustrated that take some extreme decision to get out of all these hazards of life. Nevertheless, a few can still shine out


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