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Deadly Clashes on South Sudan's Path to Freedom

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My current event is "Deadly Clashes on South Sudan's Path to Freedom" by Alan Boswell. It is from the February 12th edition of CNN Time magazine and I printed it out from the CNN Time magazine website. This article is about the deadly clashes broken out between the south Sudan's military and the renegade general. This skirmish left 105 people dead, 39 of them civilians. The fighting occurred a few days after the referendum result was announced. The result revealed that southerners had voted by 99% to separate from northern rule and form a new country. Although the main culprit of the clashes, the leader of the breakaway forces George Athor was captured later, it was only one of the brewing signs of trouble ahead. Deep uncertainties remain over the economic and political stability of both South and North Sudan.

I personally think that this is a really unfortunate situation. I know well how sad being a divided country is because Korea is a divided country. In this case, on the other hand, since it is the result of what they chose, I hope their decision to gain independence would be proved to be right. However, South Sudan is already set to be one of the poorest countries in the world, with little in the way of economy, infrastructure, health or education services, or even government. Can they succeed? Will freedom open a new path for southern Sudan? Or will the world's youngest nation remain trapped in the bloodletting of the past? I do not know the answer yet, but I really hope that things will start to change for the better as southern Sudanese believe.


Vocabulary: referendum, renegade, orgy,


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