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Deadly Unna Text Responce Essay

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The book ‘Deadly Unna' by Phillip Gwynne shows how life is controlled by prejudice. It displays evidence of racism on many levels, sexism towards females, discrimination towards difference and signs of breaking free. This book provides an image of change, diversity, narrow-mindedness and imperfections.

Prejudice controls the lives on the Goonyas as they produce sinful comments of racism towards the Nungas. Evidence of this is the graffiti of "BOONGS PISS OFF" being displayed on the jetty. The statement has been kept there and no one has bothered to clean it off or scratch it out, whether that is due to ‘social suicide' or a belief in the message. "Don't shake hands with no boongs" (29)

The Goonyas also don't mix with the Nungas apart from football trainings and matches. Otherwise they stay in their separate towns, The Point and The Port. It has always been this way. The Nungas even have a separate bar to the Goonyas. "He was in the back bar, or the black bar as everyone called it, because that's where the Nungas did their groggin'." (156)

The Nungas even imply racist attitudes to the Goonyas. They don't like to socialise with them as they feel the standards are different and trouble would start. And when they are interacting usually something arises that stirs the tension. An example is how Dumby Red didn't get best on ground and Mark Arks did. "Mark Arks getting B.O.G. It's bullshit. That's Dumby's Trophy." (133)

This is all not out of the ordinary for this these country towns. It has always happened as if to be common knowledge. The Goonyas think the Nungas are feral as the live out at the Aboriginal Reserve. The Goonyas could also be scared hence the reason why they defend themselves with pathetic racism. The Goonyas have their ideas and stories about the Nungas and share them with the younger ones. This means that the children grow up into a civilisation that is racist and live that way. "Nice girls, but they've got the clap. Every last one of ‘em." (122) Therefore their narrow-mindedness and prejudice is displayed.

Routinely the women are to stay home, look after the children and house, while the men go to the pub to drink their alcoholic


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