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Community Policing

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Community Policing

Lola HarrisRhodes

Axia University of Phoenix

CJS 500

Community Policing

The purpose of this paper is to drawn attention to help promotes organizational strategies, which support the efficient use of partnerships along with problem solving techniques, with the intention of addressing the immediate circumstances that give rise to public safety issues and concern such as crime, fear of crimes, and social disorder.

Community Policing in the 21st Century is a well organize group in connection with the issues for law-enforcement as well as workers who have fulfilled their trial period and community members concerns when engaged in the community policing initiatives. The classes covers several topic areas, as well as History and Principles of Community Policing, Partnerships,

Strategies and Tactics for Prevention, and Law Enforcement.

Community policing also emphasizes positive problem solving in an orderly and schedule approach. Rather than responding to crime merely after it takes place, community policing basically encourages agencies to develop some solutions that will immediate help with the fundamental situation contributing in the direction of public safety problems. Problem solving must be required to show infused interested in all police operations and guidelines in reference to decision making process. Agencies are optimistic when it come down to thinking artistically with reference to their responses and in their view when making uniform arrests as been only one of a wide selection of impending responses or decision making process.

History and Principles of Community Policing serves at the same time as an establishment to the fundamental principles of community policing. Even though participants examine the roots of modern day law enforcement, opening took place in Great Britain in the 1300s, to Sir Robert Peel’s there were nine principles established as of 1829, and in the course of societal changes in addition to technological changes shifting the United States policing in which took place during the twentieth century. This component of the course utilizes facilitated within group debate just before finding out the optimistic and pessimistic behavior of the Political and Traditional Eras of Policing by means of having contact with the law enforcement and community policing hard work that's taking place today.

Furthermore one of the utmost ideas in policing is partnerships in Community Policing this is an interested two-hour


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