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Business Approach

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Utility Approach

In this principle; idea is the most good or the lest harm. It produces the greatest balance of good over harm.

This approach believes that the purpose of morality is to make life better by increasing the amount of good things

in the world.

Refer to case study;

being a healt - fit person instead of being over weight person is a good thing personally then as well as the company.

To be healty - fit person makes you feel much better about your helath; out looking then at the end it also helps to

marketing image of the company.

Rights Approach

In this principle;people are able to choose their right positively or negatively. People should able to choose freely

how they will livve their lives.

Refer to case study;

Everyone has their own rights; right to being over weight; less weight; begin fit or un-healty..

in the second paragraph; we are able to see some people thinks; they should not be forced to exercise and how they

look is their choice.

Besides no one should able to make this decision for them.

The Fairness of Justice Approach

in this principle;

Ethical actions shoudl teart all people equally; or if uneuqlly;then fairly based on some standards that is defensible

Refer to case study;

Everyone has their own and equal decision; but as a CEO or working as high position; it makes your decision as final.

Because your responsibility; your efforts are much important than other employees. so your decision will be final or

most effective one.

The Comman Good Approach

this approach to ethics assumes a society comprising individuals whose own good is inextricably linked tonthe good ot=f the community.

Refer to case study;

coming to work early or give uo the lunch time can be conside as suffering but at the end it is sacrifice that the people

will be much more fit and healty.Everyone has simple rughts to be


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