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Konica Minolta Business Solution: A Professional Approach to Selling

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University of the Cumberland

Konica Minolta Business Solution: A Professional Approach to Selling

Group – 1

Uday Bhaskar Madduru Prasad

Khaleed Mohammad

Uvaraj Devarajan


Konica Minolta Business Solutions is present in 40 countries and have 41,800 people employed all around the globe. 2012 revenue increased by 1.3% from 2011 to $7.44 Billion. Net income decreased by 2.11% during that same period to $198.1 million. New York Consulting Group (NYCG) is a global accounting and consulting firm with 97,500 employees all around the world. Their international arm is located in New Delhi and have their presence in 100 countries. In 2012, their first annual growth was increased by 6% to $12.2 Billion. KMBS did a small market research before entering into the NYCG client. They found 82% Americans prefer paper statement over the electronic statements and 77% people believe that the electronic reports can be altered, and they find that to be untrustworthy.

Bill Swanson Voice Message to Bob Benedict

        Daniel who met with Bill Swanson and discussed about his role and the potential client he can bring to the company. Swanson was a fresh graduate and just completed his orientation training from Chicago. Daniel brought in Swanson and gave him this project to check his capability on how he can solve the business complication and also can bring any potential customer to the organization. Daniel created a checklist for NYCG and passed it to Swanson so that he can use:

  1. Company
  2. People
  3. Competition
  4. Process and timeline
  5. Product/Solution

Bill Swanson will need to leave a voice message that will let him to get an appointment with Bob Benedict. It is said that leaving a good voice message will help Bob Benedict to know more about the person he is going to interact with. Bill Swanson should a leave a message with the following information: who he is? Ask about the person he is going to speak and what are their goals? Talk a little about the existing clients which will give them a base about their market, their area of expertise and what are the benefits they can have if they are given opportunity, what is he focusing to accomplish from the meeting, and the contact information. It is always ok to give even your personal number so that they can reach out to you whenever needed.

NYCG Prospect

        According to the words of Bob Benedict the prospect of the New York Consulting Group
(NYCG) are: vendor’s capability in critical dimensions, such as security, reliability and ease of serviceability. The three major factors must be provided by any potential vendor who will be providing the printing services to them. NYCG is very passionate about their sustainability prospects. Eco-friendliness and usage monitoring will be very useful to their sustainability policy. Bob also mentioned about the two major departments that will be using the printing services they are; large volume printing at the head-quarters and copying at the other locations in over 100 countries. Bob also mentioned about the team that will help him to plan the printing needs and how to solve the printing needs and come up with a great solution and will also be needing someone from the organization who will be able to help them whenever needed, proving 24x7 service to them. Bill Swanson need to achieve these prospects because this is the time for him to prove how good he can be at this job and also this is one of the biggest clients that KMBS can have. Daniel also wanted Swanson to get this job since they can boost the company revenue and net income.


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