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Selling Styles and Business

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What Is Selling Style?

Sales is not an easy profession. Those individuals who go into sales thinking that it is will quickly learn that the

profession requires skill, resilience, and passion.

One of the most important skills in sales is understanding your selling style. Selling style can be defined as the way

a person behaves when he or she is able to do things his or her own way. For example, when you are preparing for

a sales presentation you may have a specific way of doing things. Perhaps you like to follow a tried and true

format that moves you sequentially through each point. Or maybe you prefer to mentally prepare an outline and

then allow flexibility in your presentation to follow the customer’s needs. Either of these ways of preparing for

your sales presentation is fine as long as they help you to make your sale.

But imagine if your customer has a style different from your own. For example, you like to follow a prepared sales

presentation and your customer has needs you are not addressing. Or, you are working hard at building a trusting

relationship through friendly conversation with your customer and he or she just wants you to get to the point.

When situations like this happen, the probability for making the sale can be dramatically reduced.

Here’s where your understanding of your personal selling style and the individual styles of your customers can help

you become more successful. The more you understand how you behave when


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