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Ba 1101 - Fundamentals of Business Professionalism

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BA 1101 -  Fundamentals of Business Professionalism

Semester: Spring 2016

Instructor: Barry Broughton, M.Ed

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1-2:30, & by appointment      

Resume Walk-in Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 2:00-4:00pm

Office: RCOBA 119


Graduate Assistant:

For questions related to assignments, grading or attendance, please contact:

Adam Cann -  

  1. Include section number
  2. Allow 24 hours for email responses

Course Credit: 1 Hour

Meeting Times / Location: 

Section 001: Monday 2:00 – 2:50pm         RCOBA 105

Section 002: Monday 3:00 – 3:50pm  RCOBA 105

Catalog Description: BA1101. How phases of business interact and relate to choice of majors; expectations of skills and professionalism of employers and faculty; career exploration and employment success.

This course will prepare students for all aspects of choosing a successful career path.  The course will include exposure to all areas of the Rawls College of Business, career paths for each major, and various methods to prepare for the recruiting process.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment:

Learning objectives and outcomes will be assessed through lectures, discussions, class activities and assignments. By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the expectations of a Rawls College of Business student and the role business professionalism plays in the workplace (and at school).
  • Become familiar with the majors within the Rawls College of Business, career paths, and how to have a successful road over the coming four years.
  • Create a professional resume that effectively communicates your education and experience and is appropriate for the Career Management Center and initial internship applications.
  • Craft a professional LinkedIn profile that positions you as a young professional deserving of an internship or first job.
  • Commence a long-term relationship with the Career Management Center.
  • Think holistically about your future plans, incorporating academic and career goals.

Required Text:

My Career Success Lab (Pearson)          ISBN: 9780134112398

  • This is an online system, not a physical book.  Without this system, you will not be able to participate in the course. Varsity: $113.90  / Barnes & Noble: $121.45 (New Only)

Course Expectations:

  1. Attendance and Participation: Attendance and participation in class are necessary to fully understand the concepts of this course.  Attendance will count for 20% of the student’s grade.  Students may miss 4 classes and still get full credit.  Beginning with the 5th absence, students will lose all points for attendance.  Attendance will be taken via various methods (i.e. ID Swipe before and/or after class, turning in assignments, in-class quizzes, etc.).  Notify your section TA in advance (in writing) prior to excused absences.

Please bring your student ID to class each day.  Without your student ID you will not receive credit for attendance.  If you are caught swiping your ID and then leaving without attending class, you will not receive credit for attendance for that class period.  If you are caught swiping any ID other than your own, you will be referred to the Student Conduct Office for possible disciplinary action.


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