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2012 Presidential Election

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This 2012 Presidential Election was one of the most important and controversial Elections in the history of America. Between the last four years in office, our President Barrack Obama has received more threats and criticism about his 1st term in office more than any President in the history of America. Even though he has gone through a lot, he maintains to be exceptionally intelligent, articulate, and possesses an old-school strategy on politics the same way Bill Clinton did in office that left our economy with a surplus when he left office. Mitt Romney is a former Governor of Massachusetts who has a well-known reputation for his position in politics and has finally reach his highest phenomenal career and is now running for the President of United States. These two men had different strategies that they wanted to focus on, just as we learned in our lesson in the book.

Ever since Obama was accepted to become our 44th President of America, he stressed that he wanted to do what was right for the people. Just like a typical Democrat, he wants to focus on the middle and low income class. His main key was creating more jobs for American citizens and getting more young students in college, so they would be able to have those jobs available for them when they graduate. One thing that Obama stressed about the many jobs we lost due to our Recession was that students were getting degrees in different fields and not having any jobs available in their majors once they graduated.

By Obama focusing on the youth and its future is what got him the popular vote with the young adults. As a matter of fact, he has had more young people participate in this vote more than anybody in history and that is a smart move he has thought of. When I look at everything overall, I see that the Democrats are more for the people and the Republicans are more for the money. Obama wants to bring our country under the same policies that Bill Clinton used during his terms that left us


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