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What Is Colon Cancer?

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                                                           Colon Cancer a silent killer

                                                                Jennifer Zuidema  

                                                                        Eng. 147

                                                                 January 19, 2015  

                                                             University of phoenix

      What is colon cancer? Colon cancer is tumors that are malignant and are found on the inner wall of the colon. Colon cancer forms from polyps in the large intestates(.Intestines) Lung cancer is the first leading cancer killer the second is colon cancer in the United States What causes colon cancer? Normal cells grow, divide, and then die. When cells don’t die and keep growing it turns into colon cancer. The causes can be from polyps, DNA, and diet. . African Americans are known to get the disease and die from it. Some of the symptoms are a change in bowel habits, abdominal discomfort or cramps. If polyps are found and removed colon cancer can be reduced by 90 percent. African Americans are known to get the disease and die from it.( Don’t need this information, because it is already listed above.) There are different treatments( list treatments) like if the cancer is in the early stages then surgery is the way to go. When my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer it was at stage (a) four and surgery wasn’t an option for her(.) The doctor decided to do chemotherapy,( which she did for about 5 months),( but she ended up getting sickere and having to be admitted to the hospital.) and that she did for about five months and then she got sick and was put in the hospital. They did a scan of her colon and found out that it had spread to her stomach. She was not able to eat anything so they put a tube in her stomach so anything she drank or ate would be drained from her stomach and then she was put on total parenteral nutrition (TPN). My mom was on that for almost a full six months. We were told it was just going to keep her hydrated, (but)  what it was doing was feeding the cancer and making her sicker.

I placed parenthesis around the things I would change just a bit, I hope that this helps a little.


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