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The Structure of the Nhs in Respect of Pharmacy

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The Structure and Organisation of the NHS and Professional Organisations which affect Pharmacy

Please see attached the power point presentation discussing the structure and function of the NHS in England.

The Structure and Function of the New Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB)

The RPSGB is currently the professional and regulatory body for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in England, Scotland and Wales. The society is in place to support and lead the profession and aid the development of the Pharmacy sector in terms of science, practice, education and knowledge. Currently the RPSGB is one body upholding both the professional body and the regulatory body for the sector, however in July 2010 this is set to change. The new body will be known as the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Structure of the GPhC

The GPhC will have two separate ‘bodies' both taking on different roles in supporting and developing the profession. These will be:

• The Professional Leadership Body – this will be the voice of Pharmacy with the main objectives being to promote pharmacy to ensure Pharmacists are recognised as experts in medicine, ensure that the voice of the pharmacy professional is heard in the development of healthcare policy, promote the advancement of science, practice and education in the pharmacy sector and provide members of the GPhC with the support and development required to fulfil their professional potential. Basically this means that the Professional leadership Body will offer support to the Pharmacy sector and promote the benefits of working with the professionals involved.

• Regulatory Body – this body will provide regulation that ensures public protection and keeps up to date with change, will also set standards within the profession, targeting areas of need, and will maintain a single, comprehensive professional register.

These new arrangements will ensure that the pharmacy profession is regulated in a similar way to other healthcare professions. These principles should now encourage and improve public confidence in the regulation process.

The establishment of the GPhC is an opportunity to create a modern, responsive pharmacy regulator. The GPhC will aim to develop and improve the confidence of the public as mentioned above, as well as command the respect of the profession it is regulating. This will be achieved by the bodies:

• Being independent

• Focusing on public protection to ensure pharmacy safety is high

• Sustaining and improving standards and quality of care to patients

• Working with


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