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Mgt 517 - Capital Structure Analysis

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Lovely School of Business Department of Management

Name of the faculty member: Manpreet Kaur

Course No: MGT 517 Course Title: Financial Management

Max. Marks:25 Date of Submission: 11th April 2011

S.No Roll No Objectives of Academic Activity Topic Assigned Job

Companies assigned Model*

1 1

The objective of the academic activity in the subject

“Financial Management” are as follows:

1. To build upon concepts of various issues of subject

2. To imbibe the habit of analysis and rational thinking among the students.

Search the Internet, Journals, Books etc. and give the complete details

Outline detailed information regarding the assigned company in terms of its background, history, management; Company position relative to industry Change in its share price over a year. Capital Structure for last 3 years; Liquidity position; Financial Credibility through balance sheet, Profit and loss A/C. Credit Rating of company;IPO issues made by company during last 5 years; Track and report news relevant to company chronologically (date wise) and its impact on share price of company.

Bajaj Auto Ltd.

The students have to submit a well documented hand written report covering all the aspects. The report needs to be in accordance with the objective of academic activity.

The credentials that will be taken into consideration for evaluation are as follows:

1. Time of submission.

2. Clarity of ideas.

3. Comprehensiveness

4. Reasoning

5. References

Academic Integrity: Students found to have copied both, the one who copied and from whom copied, will be awarded ZERO marks.

2 2 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

3 3 Bharti Airtel Ltd.

4 4 Cipla Ltd.

5 5 DLF Ltd.

6 6 Impact


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