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Observations of Chemical Changes

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Observations of Chemical Changes


During this experiment, I had the opportunity to examine the reactions of some common chemicals placed in mixtures and the changes the chemical will undergo. The goal of this lab is to investigate the chemical changes when two different substances are made into a mixture. During this experiment, there was the opportunity for me to observe different chemical reactions and determine the properties of the mixture. There were several results that changed colors and formed a precipitate and bubbled up. Then on the other hand there were mixtures that no chemical changes were observed or could be detected at all.

Experiment & Observation:

This experiment began by gathering all of the needed materials and taking the necessary safety precautions such as using my goggles, lab coat, and gloves. The chemicals were prepared as instructed. 10 drops of the Hydrochloric acid were placed in a labeled well of the 24-well plate. 2 drops of the 6M HCl were added directly from the auxiliary bottle and stirred with a toothpick. The diluted HCL was then stored into a labeled pipette until further needed. The same procedure was done with Ammonia and Sodium Hydroxide for dilution purposes.

Combinations of several chemical were made and placed in labeled and placed in the 96-well plate. For each of the combinations 2 drops of the first chemical were added and then two drops of the second chemical were placed in the same well. Then, the mixture was observed against a white and dark blue background by placing the piece of construction paper under the labeled well.

**For the solutions that I will be mixing in the following table were mixed in a 96- well plate, each in a different plate. There were two drops of each solution placed in its respective well using a pipette.


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