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Chemistry: Observation of Chemical Changes

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This experiment is conducted to observe the macroscopic changes that occur in chemical reactions and understand the microscopic changes of the atoms and molecules. It is important to interpret the reaction of certain chemicals when mixed together by observing the results of those mixtures, as well as understand the connection between certain chemicals and household products and understand how they react. It is conducive to learn about separation of mixtures through solubility through this experiment as well.


Using the combination of chemicals listed below in the data chart and a 96 well plate to observe the reaction of chemicals when combined.

Combine two different chemicals in one well and observe what happens against a white and black background.

In one well, place two drops of the first chemical, then one drop of the second chemical.

Slip white and black paper under the well plate and observe the mixtures, mix with a toothpick if needed.

Data will be collected and recorded in the next section.

Data Table:

Chemicals Reactions

A NaHCO3 and HCl - CO2 Clear bubbles and fizzing until it stopped and evaporated the liquid

B HCl and BTB White paper: turned orange / black paper: amber-yellow

C NH3 and BTB Turned dark blue for both

D HCl and blue dye White paper: turned blue green / black paper: turned dark blue

E Blue dye and NaOCl. Then add 1 drop of HCl Was blue until the HCl then it turned to green and yellow and fizzed bubbles and finally clear

F NaOCl and Kl Turns brown against white and looks clear against black, finally turned yellow. Adding starch it turned black

G Kl and Pb (NO3)2 Bright yellow against both backgrounds

H NaOH and phenolphthalein Bright fuschia against white and dark pink against black

I HCl and phenophtalein Clear and no bubbles against both backgrounds. I expect a clear reaction with an acid and with a base I would expect a color.

J NaOHand AgNO3 Brown green color against white and pastel cloudy brown against black

K AgNO3 and NH3 Clear against the paper towel but some bubbles

L NH3 and CuSO4 Cloudy sky blue, turned into white blue solids



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