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Observations of Chemical Changes

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While experimenting with the chemicals in the lab kit I noticed various changes in color, thickness, and clarity. When adding HCl to one chemical I got one reaction, however when I added HCl to another chemical something different showed.

I noticed that bubbles were present once I added two drops of HCl to NaHCO3. It also put off an order similar to that of chlorox.

When experimenting with HCl and Bromothymol blue I noticed an orangish like color. The color change I noticed when mixing one drop of BTB with two drops of NH3 that the color became a dark blue.

While experimenting with HCl and Blue Dye the color change present was a green color.

I noticed when I added the blue dye and sodium hypochlorite it started out as dark blue but gradually turned into an aqua green color once it settled.

The prettiest color I observed was by mixing equal parts of sodium hydroxide (a base) and phenolphthalein. This color was a violet color.

While mixing HCl and phenolphatlahelin I observed a clearish white color. I expected the color to be yellow as an acid and as a base a brown color. When moved from black paper to white paper I noticed one was brighter than the other.

The ugliest change I noticed was when you mix NaOh and AgNO3. the color was a brown cloudy looking substance.

I took great measures in cleaning up my work area, by wearing safety gloves and used paper towels with distilled water on them. I emptied all of the piplets into the garbage disposal followed by distilled water.


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