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Liver Case

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The Liver


There are many different organs that help our body function properly, one specific organ that plays an important role is the liver. According to Barron's Medical Guide Dictionary of Medical Terms, the liver is defined as a large and complex organ located in the upper right part of the abdominal cavity. The liver weighs about 1 pound in males a little less in females; is dark reddish brown, soft and solid. ( ). Liver function as an aid to digestion and detoxifier makes it important in blood purification. This major organ houses the gall bladder, which produces bile and plays a great role in maintaining sugar levels in the blood to an optimum. Liver removes various toxins formed in the body and makes sure that the blood that passes through is cleansed of all toxins. Furthermore, it helps in food digestion and energy storage. Reducing consumption of substances, maintaining proper nutrition and exercise are crucial to over all health of the liver. Any effect on the liver, whether by diseases, nutrition or internal injuries, can cause grievous harm to the human body. This research essay will discuss information on the function, aging process and the health of the liver.


Digestion detoxification, and metabolic are the most important function of the liver. The liver contains hepatocytes, which create bile that is used in digestion of food. In the liver, the blood passes through sinusoids, which contain Kuppifer's cells that destroy foreign particles in the blood ( ). These foreign particles include damaged blood cells, antigens, and bacteria. This function prevents bacteria and antigens from multiplying into the body and helps boost the immunity of the body towards diseases caused by these microorganisms. Liver functions as regulator blood glucose, maintains a balance of the glucose levels in the blood by storing it when in plenty and releasing it into the blood stream when it is below normal limits. The Liver's functions in the drug biotransformation storage, and secretion for example bile and bile salts ( ). The liver deals with protein, carbohydrates, and lipid metabolism. The liver's function in the drug biotransformation involves action on drugs and other by products from reactions like ammonia, which are toxic and are changed by the liver to be eliminated from the body without causing harm ( ). In addition, the liver functions in the synthesis of albumin, which is important in regulation of oncotic, pressure, plasma, and transportation of hormones and drugs ( ). Immunological function involves the pit cells and Kuppifer's cells, which help in defending the liver and body as a whole against infection. The liver function's is vital


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