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Cocaine Case

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Crack cocaine, also known as Benzoylmethylecgoine, Crack, Rock, Apple Jack, Candy, is a popular drug among rich people. The reasons why people use crack cocaine is that they can feel an increasing energy, an extremely high mood, and supreme. On the other hand, it is an easy and quick process of using cocaine. First of all, you should put the cocaine in a hard table and prepare a hard object such as a credit card which is commonly used to crush it up fully. Then you should use a blade and chop it until it gets into tiny bits. Finally, you can use a straw to sniff. Another method of consuming this highly addictive drug is intravenous injection. Injection gives an instant and intense high but has inherent risks. Cocaine can also be smoked, swallowed or taken as a suppository.

We know that rich people such as bosses from Walt Street, pop stars, and athletes live under great pressure. Sometimes, they are too stressful to control themselves, which results in relying on drugs to make their life easier. However, using cocaine has many unpreventable and lethal consequences. In the brain, cocaine interferes with neurotransmitter from transmitting chemical messages. Therefore cocaine blocks neurotransmitters from being restored. There are short-term effects, including loss of appetite, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, contracted blood vessels, bizarre and violent behavior. In terms of long-term impacts, damage to blood vessels of ear and brain, heart attack and stroke, kidney and lung damage, chest pains, respiratory failure and infectious disease are considered as some of the serious problems.


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