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Architecture Case

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There is much more to architecture than just designing buildings which contrasts with the skills of oneself. My individual skills are compared to that of an architect, and are brought about through the topics of my work preference, interests/ passions, learning styles, multiple intelligences, personality type, values, transferable skills and finally the required skills of the job of an architect.

When asking what ones work preferences are, generally speaking, most people, when they are looking for jobs, compensation is the #1 indicator. However this factor may be important, it is not the most important to me. What do I look for? Several things, including; varied working environments, a job that provides me with 40 hours, yet those hours are flexible, a job that presents me with creative opportunities while utilizing business skills. As an architect I would get to combine the technical aspects of the building with the artistic aspects of built form and the environment. Secondly, my working environment would constantly be changing with each new project because once I have completed the design of the building then I am able to work on the site. Furthermore the career of an architect would present me with business opportunities as architects coordinate with construction managers, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and interior designers as well as negotiating contracts with clients and contractors, billing people, keeping financial accounts, and promoting their businesses to attract new clients. Lastly the working hours are fairly flexible because of the option of becoming a self employed architect whose hours depend greatly on their willingness to work.

Furthermore, art is a passion of mine; I can appreciate something creative, inspirational or outright beautiful. My experience with art has been more of the conventional sense sketching with pencil and paper. I've come to realize the contrast between the mind of the artist and the mind of an architect, through both of the professions what they produce is rich in history, it's deep, it reflects the society during the time that it was made, and it gives you insight on the mind of that artist or architect. Architecture encompasses thinking that other arts don't deal with. Creating a building is creating a work of art, or a" work of architecture".

Thirdly, I excel in visually learning. This means I learn best by, learning in a place where there are no distractions, rewriting study notes and having a calendar to know when deadlines are ahead. This applies to architecture because in architecture I'm sketching designs and discussing them as well I'm drawing visual comparisons between old structures and soon to be newly renovated structures, these are components that a visual learner would use to study the most efficiently and I would be able to use them in my everyday job. I excel in spatial tasks and am an outside of the box thinker


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