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The Liberal Arts System

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Matthew Correia

Mrs. Jernberg


September 8, 2016

The Christian Liberal Arts

        Coming from a place where there is 3 million people that you are competing with for a future job, changes the outlook on my vocational and avocational goals. I have always been involved the Christian Liberal Arts as I went to a Christian Liberal Arts secondary school in a suburb just outside Toronto. Personally I am used to a big city and bright lights atmosphere, and the goals of my peer’s and I had reflected that. My vocational and avocational goals were affected by the environment I grew up in, the Christian liberal arts system in a big city. Through the pursuit of truth, creative thinking, and interdisciplinary focus my vocational and avocational goals have been influenced in the right direction.

        The pursuit of truth, to some people, may consist of studying books, observing nature and online research. To a large block of people, including myself, the pursuit of the truth is through the bible. This pursuit of truth is also is what has affected my vocational and avocational goals. My vocational goal is to be in the field of economics, with a strong understanding the marketing field. This is another way of me pursuing the truth. Wanting to find out the world works the way it does; why certain events cause other events to happen. The pursuit of truth is all about answering the question why. The pursuit of truth is only available through Jesus. If everything we do involves Jesus and is through Jesus, only then will we find the truth.

        The Christian liberal arts education system is one that pushed the theme of creativity. Holmes even states the task of liberal education is to form the mind, stretch understanding and to sharpen ones intellectual powers. This has pushed me in influence my avocational goals. I’m big into graphic design and the creative components that come along with a liberal education have not only pushed me to pursue graphic design as an avocational goal, but to maybe turn it into a vocational goal of mine. I have always been into graphic design, creating logo and website layouts for both my parents over the past summer. It’s relaxing and soothing and that is one of the reasons it is a perfect avocational goal, it is something you like to do but not enough to pursue it as a career. Creative thinking within the liberal arts system is one the best aspects that it has to offer.


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